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I started playing guitar at 15, inspired by virtuosos such as Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. More recently I've been inspired by the classical virtuosos, Chopin and Liszt. I've recorded a lot of original music which you can find linked below.

I been teaching for several years, both privately and in schools. I teach people of any age who want to learn an instrument!

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I released my album 'More is More' in November 2015. It has 8 tracks of instrumental guitar music (with one vocal track for good measure!) The track 'Stringkiller' contained a guest appearance from television legend Bill Oddie! 
Aqua Hands was released in November 2020. It's a 4 track EP with a big range of styles!

Watch Stringkiller here!

Listen to Aqua Hands Here!



Having picked up the guitar, I quickly decided I wanted formal training, and got a Level 5 Diploma from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. I am currently studying for a BA in Music Performance from Falmouth University in association with Dime Online.



I have studied theory extensively, and have Grade 8 from Trinity. I am currently studying for a theory Diploma from the London College of Music.



My interest in varying styles of music inspired me to learn other instruments. In addition to guitar, I also play the sitar, piano and mandolin.

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Guaranteed Success

I have experience in teaching people of all ages and levels. I have been teaching for several years, both privately and in schools. I can guarantee to make you a better player, all you need to do is practice!
DBS Checked



Learning your first chords

If you've just brought your first guitar and want to learn to play it, let's get started! I'll teach you how to tune it, how to play your first chord, and how to play any songs you want to learn. No matter what age you are, it's never too late to start learning!


Taking your playing to the next level.

If you know the basics of guitar, and want to take things to the next level, I offer advanced lessons for rock and metal styles. I can teach you techniques such as sweep picking, alternate picking, tapping and legato. I will give clear instruction on how to perfect these techniques, all you need to do is practice!

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'The Count is an incredibly unique guitarist in the sea of players these days. His ability to play the sitar and his love of Indian music gives him a very unique flare to his highly developed technique making it very interesting to hear what type of phrasing he will come up with next. Definitely a player you'll want to keep an eye on and watch out for his next CD! I am excited to see the direction this young talented player is going to next!'

Dannyjoe Carter (Ranked World's Fastest Guitarist in Guitar World 2008)

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Heckingham, Norwich NR14 6QS, UK

07718 223054

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